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Start improving your business!

Plan:Strategic Development & Leadership Programmes.   Change: Management and Personal Development, Strategic Leadership & Marketing Programmes.   Review: Standards/Accreditations, Performance review, Costumer Survey, Appraisals & Processes.   React: Skill Training, Change Management, Strategic Leadership & Management Programmes.
Planning is the first phase of the business improvement cycle and it is vital you chose an approach.   Strong leadership is at the heart of every successful business and business improvement plan.   The accreditation process has other important business benefits – improving the efficiency of your processes, helping you manage risk and can reduce your insurance premiums.   Learning as a company is a very effective and powerful way to bring about improvements in behavior, performance, working practices and etc.

Business Development Follow Cycle


Business Development it is essentially the activities a company undertakes to develop business however the tasks and processes are often indiscernible from traditional management and marketing approaches, such as strategic management, marketing management, sales and marketing.

What or who is involved will differ between industry sectors but by looking at the different elements of business development you will get a better idea of what it means to your business.

Business development comprises of aspects of strategy, marketing and sales, such as:
Researching new types of business/products/services with an emphasis on identifying gaps (existing and/or expected) identifying the needs of potential customers (existing and/or new ones).

  • Attracting new customers
  • Penetrating existing markets
  • Creating new markets

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