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Five Ways To Streamline Guest Data and Better Target Marketing Messages

A guest signs up for a loyalty membership and then, six months later, receives a request to sign up for the same program. Another has a negative experience with a brand, leaves a poor review, and still finds a “First Time Travel Deal” email in...


ALICE Unveils Its Solution to Streamlining Hotel Housekeeping Operations

,As many as 4 out of 5 guest would abandon a hotel booking due to an unclean guest room, according to a recent survey. Another study found that 80 percent of guests would leave a hotel if their guest room failed to live up to their own cleanliness...


Six Ways Technology Can Boost In-Room Dining Revenue

Picture this: you’ve been traveling all day and finally arrive at your hotel. Too tired to think about going out for dinner, you head straight to your room with plans to order room service. You pick up the in-room phone and dial the number for...


Hotel Distribution Channel Manager: What Are the Advantages?

For those in the hospitality industry, a key part of any revenue management strategy revolves around distribution channel management. After all, while direct bookings are usually preferable, maximising bookings and revenue requires assistance from...


Hotels save on energy with in-room tech

Hotels focused on energy conservation in guestrooms have turned to methods such as LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances and predictive tools that use machine-learning algorithms to save on energy. REPORT FROM THE U.S. Energy-saving technology...


New room keys streamline operations, increase ROI

Hoteliers are ditching traditional plastic swipe cards in favor of new room keys that streamline operations and increase ROI. GLOBAL REPORT—When hoteliers consider trends in guestroom keys, mobile keys accessed via smartphones might be the...


Vietnamese Hotel Brand Becomes the Latest to Adopt Facial Recognition Technology

In two different Marriott hotels in China, guests now have the ability bypass the traditional check-in process at the front desk and use a kiosk, instead. In less than a minute, facial recognition technology based on artificial intelligence (AI)...


How social media impacts your hotel

Your hotel’s social media footprint counts for more than just aesthetics. It ultimately impacts the bottom line, and it’s important to take every opportunity to position yourself ahead of the competition with your social media efforts. By ...


A Hotel Room in an Airport: Sleepbox Expands To Washington, D.C

Resting on the floor of an airport can be a difficult experience to avoid for frequent fliers. Travelers attempt to entertain themselves with reading, working, or playing games on portable devices, and are often unable to recharge once their...


Protel | ESTREL: Germany's largest hotel relies on protel On-Prem and protel.I/O

The signing of the contract at the beginning of 2019 was the reward for years of persistently 'working on the customer' and an amazing joint effort. What particularly impressed Estrel, apart from the personal commitment of the colleagues from...

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